Metal & Acrylic Prints Hanging Options


OPTION 1 (default) : Shadow Mount with Wire – Our most popular option is a 3/4” thick extruded aluminum frame that allows the print to float off the wall. The frame is cut 2” inside the edge of the print so there is nothing that shows on the front of the print when hanging from the wall. Hanging wire - preferred by galleries, is the easiest to use and only requires one nail to hang and level the print.



OPTION 2 : Standoff Mount - Silver Chrome (shiny), Silver Brushed (matte), Black or Gold finish – This option includes four metal barrel standoffs mounts in each corner of the artwork that allow to attach the print to the wall. It is an unique and more secure way to mount the print. Do keep in mind: these four corner standoff mounts can interfere with the image as the barrels go all the way through the print. The print will sit 3/4″ from the wall, the hardware is 1/2″ in width and 7/8″ in height, and the center of each hole is 1″ from each corner (1″ from each side) of the print.