If you need images from a specific location (shot in the similar style that you see in the RW Images online galleries with a high resolution 50MP camera) and professionally edited, ready for any use high resolution digital image files with broad image use rights - please contact us for more details.

Custom photography assignments start at $4500 and include the following: up to 7 days of shooting and travel time (anywhere within the Continental United States - lower 48 states) and basic travel costs: airfare, car rental and lodging. Other expenses required to complete the photo shoot, like for example: off road vehicle, helicopter or boat rentals, hired guides or tour operators, special permits, etc., are charged extra at actual cost. The fee also includes editing and delivery of the high resolution digital image files (usually between 100-200 final edits from an assignment up to 7 days long) and license to use the delivered images.

Most assignments in easily accessible locations can be completed within 7 days. Additional time, if needed, is charged at the rate of $500 per day. Assignments can be scheduled at a short notice (subject to photographer's availability) and edited images are usually delivered within 30 days, or sooner, after the photo shoot, via fast online download.

















Hello, I have noticed that the online cropping tool for recently added Premium Gallery Wraps WHCC print product does not work properly. It shows incorrect cropping at least for 3:2 aspect ratio format images. For example 8x12 shows it needs cropping for all of my 3:2 images (and it is not in bold font like it should be for images when cropping is not necessary) Other 3:2 ratio sizes like 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, 24x36 or 40x60 are in bold font but they show incorrectly that they need to be cropped. Comparing to other print products where cropping tool is enabled, it looks like at least some other sizes are off as well, with the percentages of cropping required. I think only square crops show correct percentages. Could you please fix this whenever possible. Thank you very much and Happy New Year! Robert Wojtowicz rwimages.com